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Home Care Services

Call 828.452.8292

What patients are commonly referred to home care services?

  • Those recovering from surgery (CABG, joint replacement, G.I./bowel diversion)
  • Chronically ill or disabled persons needing medical management/education and/or assistance with activities of daily living (COPD, CHF)
  • Patients recovering from a stroke, heart attack, heart surgery, high blood pressure, cancer, diabetes, lung disease, and/or diseases of the nervous system that require changes in treatment, interventions, instructions or
  • management
  • Individuals receiving IV therapy, wound care, colostomy or catheter care.

What are home care admission requirements?

  • Homebound (Medicare and private insurance requirement)
  • Need for healthcare that requires skilled nursing, physical therapy, and/or speech therapy on an intermittent basis
  • Physician referral that includes the Face-to-Face documentation required by Medicare and a signed initial Plan of Care

Who should I contact about home care services?

Home care services are provided by Home Care Services of Haywood Regional Medical Center, located at 13 Haywood Park, Ste B107, Waynesville. For questions, call 828.452.8292 or visit their website.

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